Today on Segment 16, we learned that Producer Steve would make a hot lesbian right now, if things don't work out with Annette. (Things aren't going that way, so relax.) But Hot Wings points out that he'd better become a lesbian now, while he still is in the window where he'd make a hot one.

There was a big portion of the audience that was hoping that Steve's girlfriend had been waiting outside the studio to ask Steve to marry her, and this could have been an odd thing if Steve's answers during a survey. This is what led to the guys speculating on Steve's potential for becoming a pretty hot lesbian.

The guys also discuss how long they have left before their kids begin to hate them a little, and offer up some amazing parenting advice: Make sure your kids think of you as a friend. It doesn't matter if they respect you, as long as they like you.

Make sure to introduce your kids to porn, alcohol, and everything you don't want them to do outside of the home.

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