Crazy to think that Star Fox for SNES is over 20 years old! When this game came out, my mind was blown. The 3D polygon graphics from the Super FX chip were things to marvel at.

However, if you show this game to anyone today, it's considered extremely dates and looks likes crap. While I do agree that the graphics are nothing exciting today, at one point in 1993, they were top of the line.

Last night I popped this game into my Super Nintendo and played the game. Graphics today are amazingly real with no polygons to give you the image of 3D. It's even rare to find a grade A title that is not 3D. Think back though to 1993 where 3D in video games was basically no existent.  Every game you played was some sort of 2D or side scroller. Then a little game chip named the Super FX chip arrived for the Super Nintendo.

On PC's, 3D graphics were nothing out of the ordinary, but on a game console, it was a new thing. Star Fox was that breakthrough title that introduced me and many others the possibility of 3D graphics on a video game consoles.

When the game hit shelves, it was a massive hit. The graphics, story, and music were all there. Giving it that familiar Nintendo feel that so many other game developers try to emulate.

How does 1993 graphics translate to 2015 graphics though? Have a look at the game first.

I must say, the game today does not look good by today's standards. The entire game is one big ass polygon! Remember, this was a time before there were insanely realistic graphics that dazzle us.

Does this make it a bad game though? No, not at all! Regardless of the dated graphics, the game is still really fun. The music is epic, the game play is solid, and the characters are memorable. This is one of those games that you have look past the cover and enjoy the game for what it is. If you are really looking to see where 3D games began, this is a good place to start. Just don't be too quick to judge a book by it's cover though.

By the way, in America, it had the craziest ad campaign.