Rival Sons are coming to the Intersection Wednesday August 21 and you have until 10 p.m. tonight, Tuesday August 20, to get your tickets for only $9.79.

Rival Sons will soon be kicking off a co-headlining tour with Stone Temple Pilots but are doing a run of warm up shows for the tour with one date at the Intersection.

If you have not seen Rival Sons, they are truly one of today's great bands live. There is a reason that Black Sabbath chose them to open for them on Sabbath's final tour...because Rival Sons are just that good.

If you love classic rock, Rival Sons will be right in your strike zone. Another reason why Sabbath had them support their tour. They wanted a band that was up and coming that their audience could like without knowing who they were. This was a huge opportunity for Rival and now they are bringing the show to you for only $9.79.

Rival Sons are not technically a new band since they've been around since 2009 have released 6 albums but to some, they still are a new band in the mainstream circles.

If you love great vocals backed by a solid group of musicians where all the music is actually played live with no backing tracks, then Rival Sons are the band for you.

Here is a ticket link for the special $9.79 tickets and remember it expires at 10 p.m. Tuesday August 20.

I can't wait to see the show and I hope you take advantage of this amazing ticket price.

Below are some videos to give those a taste who may be unfamiliar with Rival Sons.

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