Get your camera's ready because you might get a glimpse of the Northern Lights this week.

According to WZZM, the Aurora Borealis is usually seen in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan region but there are a few times where the southern part of the state get a little treat.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center, May 15 and 16 there is a G1 minor geomagnetic storm watch in place. This is because of an anticipated Coronal Mass Ejection effects. NOAA said three of these CME's have happened since May 10.

So have your eye in the sky May 15 and May 16 since the conditions are just right for a southern Michigan peek at the Northern Lights.

Make sure you have a real dark area to view the sky, preferably away from city lights that ten to weaken the view and then snap away some great shots with your camera or phone.

If you would like some tips on catching the perfect Northern Lights shots here is a website that contains a complete guide here.

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