South Haven Michigan's Police K-9 unit got a little larger with two new dogs added to the team.

According to WMMT, two new German Shepherds, Rocco and Ryker, specialize in finding narcotics, bombs and explosives were brought in just in time for the tourist season to kick off.

Since marijuana is now legal in Michigan, Ryker was trained not to find weed but other types of narcotics. The South Haven Police Department still has a K-9 on their team that can find marijuana, which they use in schools since it is still illegal for minors to possess the pot.

Rocco specializes in finding bomb and explosive materials and this is the first time South Haven will have this type of dog on the K-9 unit. With all the festivals and events that happen in South Haven this type of dog will be a huge asset to the department and keeping the public safe.

Rocco will also be used in schools to assist them if there is a bomb threat or even as a precautionary measure.

Ryker and Rocco now make the K-9 unit a team of four dogs to assist the South Haven P.D.


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