Soundgarden can count 2010 as a pretty successful year.  After reuniting, the 90's grunge icons headlined the closing night of Lollapalooza, put out a collections disc, and performed on CONAN.

But it seems like they're not done yet.  Bassist Kim Thayil told a Canadian radio station that it's hard for the guys not to come up with new ideas when they're in the room together.

"When we get together to rehearse, it's natural for us, being guys who have a rapport, to start jamming and inventing," Thayil said.  "We've come up with instrumental, and certainly on occasion, lyrical ideas."

Sounds like he wants to work on a new record, huh?  The guitarist went on to talk about more Soundgarden material in the works, including a live album and B-sides.  More of the interview can be found on Blabbermouth.

What do you think?  Is today's music scene ready for a new Soundgarden album or should the band just ride the nostalgic wave and call it good?