Pere Marquette Park will soon get more parking after city approved the upgrade.

Located on the northern side of Muskegon, Michigan, Pere Marquette Park is one of the cleanest beaches in the entire state. The beach on Lake Michigan is well known for its surf raked beach daily, handicapped walkway that allows easy access for all, the amazing view of the lake filled with kayaks and paddle boards, is a home to many beach volleyball players plus the Burning Foot Beer Festival.

According to WOOD, the city commissioners in Muskegon are moving a head with plans to expand the parking at Pere Marquette Park. There are some safety concerns but as of now it is a go.

In a meeting on Tuesday, the community has had concerns about the removal of some trees in the parking area. The commissioners had the trees looked at and they are not in good health and are looking at replanting some of the trees or even bring in new ones.

The whole idea of the parking upgrade is to move away from angled parking. This is about the safety of those in the community who visit the park as well as those that travel to visit and enjoy the park.

The city has approved the construction but now the county has to approve and the permits need to be submitted.

The project is looking to begin as early as the beginning of this summer.

Pere Marquette Beach is has appeared on the lists of certified clean beaches by the National Healthy Beaches Campaign and the Clean Beaches Council. It is also the home of the USS Silversides which is a World War II Submarine.

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