Who knew bingo could be so cutthroat?

Well, "cut-tire", to be quite literal about it.

Fox 13 reports that 82-year-old Florida man, Fred Smith, was arrested for slashing a woman's tires after a disagreement at a bingo game at the Lake Ashton Retirement Community Club House.

What was the woman's offense? Did she cheat? Did she call out "Bingo!" when she actually had not achieved bingo?! What went down?

Apparently, 88-year-old Ethel Britt allegedly stole the man's seat.

And that is something by which Mr. Smith cannot abide: So he stormed out of the bingo hall and slashed her mini-van's tires with an ice pick, which was caught on surveillance video.

Smith was charged with criminal mischief and faces paying $500 in restitution.