Technology is changing fast in the automotive industry with the move toward using electric vehicles. Michigan roads will be upgraded to charge electric vehicles.

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From Gas To Electric Powered Vehicles

Classic cars in a row parked on asphalt parking lot

I can remember when cars were made entirely of steel, gas prices were way under a dollar per gallon, and a time when automakers actually bragged about how much gas the vehicle would use as a selling point. Times have changed.

welcomia /ThinkStock/GettyStock
welcomia /ThinkStock/GettyStock

The economy changed in the late 70s and the days of building big heavy gas guzzlers began to come to end. Coming into the 80s and 90s was a time when economical small cars started being built to save money on gas. Making the vehicles smaller, and lighter by using plastic and aluminum parts.

electric car SUV charging at home in front of modern low energy suburban house
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In the 2000s hybrid vehicles came along that worked on half gas or gas made from corn oil and other vehicles half gas and half electric. When we moved into the 10s we started to see more full-on electric vehicles being made but there are not that many charging stations around.

As we have moved into the 20s more charging stations are becoming available but not at the level of encouraging others to make the switch to battery-powered cars. Something is now about to happen to give more people reasons to make the switch from gas engines to battery-powered engines.

Michigan Will Soon Have An Electric Road Charging System

Country road
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With more and more electric vehicles hitting the road, getting those vehicles charged is the next big step.

Michigan gets a pretty good balance of all four seasons making it the perfect state to test out a road system that will charge vehicles while they are driving. This is a huge breakthrough for the electric vehicle industry.

Electric car in charging

Instead of trying to locate a charging station and having to wait for the charge, new technology has been developed that will put coils inches under the pavement that will power electric vehicles.

According to FOX 17, nearly $2 million will be invested into Michigan roads to start this 5 year-long pilot program. The first roads to install this new technology will be in Detroit.

Don't be surprised if that same technology moves to some roads in West Michigan sometime within the next 5 years.

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