I will admit to being a geek about some things.  Not as crazy as Metalhead Ned is about gaming and KISS, but I do have my obsessions.  (No, YouPorn is not one of them, shut it.)

But some people take their obsession with getting deeper into movies and TV a little bit too far.

Example 1:

The Hollywood Reporter contacted a disaster-cost prediction company to assess the damage done to Manhattan during The Avengers movie.

No even kidding.

Kinetic Analysis Corp. ran some simulations (meaning they watched the movie a lot) and determined that there was $160 BILLION in damages!  Here's their breakdown:

  • Actual physical damages: $60-$70 Billion
  • Economic and cleanup costs: $90 Billion
  • Add in the loss of life and healthcare, and the total hits at least $160 Billion!

Comparatively, Hurricane Katrina cost about $90 Billion.  Those "super heroes" really racked up the damage, didn't they?

A friend of mine watched Man of Steel, and all she came away with from the movie was, "Dear God, it'll cost a lot of money to rebuild after all that damage!  Who's cleaning that up?"  She's a bit weird like that.

Example 2:

A crazy dude with a lot of time on his hands, and possibly no access to cable TV, has put the entire Marvel universe into one timeline, so you can see exactly when and where each event occurred.

Andrew Norfolk took the beginnings of the timeline begun by Rich Drees (possibly because Drees got a date, and that took too much time out of his geek research) and compiled all the events in order for all Marvel fans.

Seriously, it starts at 2987 B.C. when "The Dark Elves attack to conquer the nine realms".  Hits everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) through the creation of Captain America on June 22, 1943, all the way through January 2014 (where Tony Stark apparently confides in Bruce Banner about his love for him...no wait, something about something), and leaving off at the beginning of The Winter Soldier on March 1st, 2014.

Mr. Norfolk has suddenly become some kind of slacker, since he hasn't incorporated any info from the latest Captain America movie, or any info about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Get on it, dude, the rest of us geeks are waiting for more!  Okay, honestly, I'm still plowing my way through some of the stuff on the site, but I'll get there soon!  Or I'll get a date and forget about the timeline...nah, who am I kidding!