Nothing says Christmas quite like sock puppets and ... black metal? Must be the season for Sock Puppet Parody to return with their new vision for "Immortal Christmas."

This latest edition offers a fresh take on the story of Frosty the Snowman, turning it heavy, vengeful and dark as Immortal Christmas enter a snowman building contest and take out the competition in a most metal way.

As "Frostbite the Snowman" was mocked by others in the competition, that just fueled the fire for the snowman's wrath. As revealed in the new holiday parody telling Frostbite's tale, “There may have been a conjuring / That birthed Frostbite’s disdain / For his scream dawned an avalanche / That consumed all in its wake.

With no other competition, Santa crowned Frostbite the new champ, with a hearty "Hail Santa" coming from Immortal Christmas after their victory.

If you like the twisted take on this holiday classic, the story of "Frostbite the Snowman" is currently available via Bandcamp.

Immortal Christmas, "Frosty the Snowman" (Sock Puppet Parody)

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