While most people are at home nice and warm away from the polar vortex, snowplow drivers are out in it, working around the clock trying to get these roads clear and keep people safe...so don't be riding their ass down the freeway!

According to WOOD, subzero temps and piles of snow have caused temporary shutdowns of freeways, business and school closings, but one thing has remained constant...the trusty snowplow driver.

In Kent County alone there are 90 trucks on the road during the day and 35 hitting the streets at night. Many drivers are putting in 12 to 14 hour days of constant plowing.

Drivers are trying to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep then back out on the road and at the same time sacrificing time away from their families.

So knowing the sacrifice these folks are making for us, please do the snowplow drivers a solid, don't tailgate the plow trucks. They are doing a job and usually there is a way to get around them but if not, back off the truck as you are following. Many trucks have been hit because vehicles are tailgating the plow trucks and sliding into them when getting too close. Guess what...when you hit a truck...it has to stop and therefore...ITS NOT PLOWING!

The drivers just want you to give them some space, so they can create a space for us all. And if you pick up some hot coffee, maybe grab an extra for a snowplow driver.


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