Is that really true, snow here in Grand Rapids this week? Maybe, but just a slim maybe!

We kicked off yesterday, Halloween with some patchy fog and a mix of sun and clouds moving in and chilly temperatures. However, yesterday was the last day to have seasonal temperatures in the middle 50s. It was good while it lasted, wasn't it.

So, guess what? According to Fox17 meteorologists, this week will have some of the
coolest air we have seen yet this season with highs only in the 40s due to a bunch of  cooler air, and with that some chances of showers. So, with that, some possible snowflakes. They are saying we could have some slick spots on the roadways but nothing is set to accumulate and stick around... at least not yet.

The National Weather Service said that we should expect the first measurable snow to fall in early November, possibly November, 8 here in Grand Rapids giving all snow lovers a glimmer of hope.

Of course, we all like to bet on when we will have the first inch of snow. The National Weather service says the first inch of snow probably won't come until later, maybe Nov. 19 in Grand Rapids, to be exact.

The earliest snow we have ever seen in Grand Rapids and the surrounding area was October 7, 2000, so we escaped that. And, for you record keepers, the latest we have had to wait for snow was in 1948, December 5!

And if you want to turn to the good old Farmers Almanac, they are forecasting possible snow this first week of November, sunny but cold next week, and possibly more snow the following week.

Hmmm...guess I'd better get the old snow blower tuned up quickly.

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