Today on Segment 16, the guys cover a lot of ground, starting with the snow and the cold, which they're not big fans of. Unless it's just seeing how nice places can look while covered in snow. They also talk about GRD's Christmas Party coming up on the 20th, building stalkers, and dessert!

Don't miss GRD's Christmas Party coming up on Tuesday, December 20th, with Citizen Zero and Deepfall on stage. There's also a TON of autographed stuff up for grabs as Christmas presents. Signed guitars, drum heads, books, and more. Get all the details and join us! You just have to show up to be able to win!

Apparently, there's also people stalking us and watching our building, since someone called to complain that our building's flag had collapsed a the guys called Phil to come fix it.

Then, desserts! What more needs to be said?