The latest episode of Saturday Night Live features a parody commercial for the new line of Star Wars toys, which kids will play with, and collectors will... look at.

The parody commercial makes fun of adults who are still buying the Star Wars toys for dioramas, or worse yet, leaving them in the box for LITERALLY NOBODY TO ENJOY. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of Star Wars collectibles out there, but chances are, that mass-produced BB-8 won't be worth too much in your lifetime. SNL's commercial is especially great because it highlights how amusingly different people's views of the toys can be.

At one point, a little boy proudly holds up his action figures, declaring, "I have Rey, and Finn!" to which SNL actor Kyle Mooney awkwardly responds, "I have three of each! One to display, one to open, and one just in case."