Is it my imagination or is everyone driving way faster this year? Slow down, August is off to a bad start.

Michigan Traffic Deaths Hit A 16-Year High In 2021

The Michigan State Police recently reported that traffic deaths last year were the highest in 16 years. The 1,131 fatalities in 2021 marked the most traffic fatalities in Michigan since 1,129 deaths in 2005.

The good news is that 2022 figures so far are off of that high water mark. MSP has reported 599 deaths in 2022, which is 28 fewer traffic deaths year to year between 2021 and 20211. But the bad news is August is not off to a good start.

Thaddeus Lim via Unsplash
Thaddeus Lim via Unsplash

38 People Died On State Roads The First Week Of August

The State Police say 38 people died on state highways the first week of August, and over 149 people were injured.

That's not a good start to the month.

Eugene Triguba via Unsplash
Eugene Triguba via Unsplash

State Police say speeding in the state has been on the rise, and its the root cause of most accidents on the state. A program conducted at the end of June called 'Great Lakes. High Stakes' increased traffic patrols, and ended with an increase in spedeers being ticketed, and less deaths as a result.

“Speeding continues to be a critical issue in Michigan that leads to many needless crashes, serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways,” Alicia Sledge, interim director of the Office of Highway Safety Planning said in June. “It has been proven that the faster you drive the greater your risk of dying in a crash."

After The Program Ended, Deaths Started Increasing Again

So the correlation is pretty clear. Take your heavy foot off the gas if traveling this weekend. We need you back here on Monday.

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