Slipknot ringleader Corey Taylor revealed that he is "scared to death" of playing without original bassist Paul Gray, who died from a drug overdose in May of last year. The Des Moines, IA band is scheduled to tour in Europe this summer as part of the Sonisphere Festival.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Taylor revealed that he still isn't over Gray's death.

"I'm scared to death," he told K!. "I'm nowhere near prepared for the emotion that's going to happen. That first show [in Athens, Greece on June 17] is really going to be the test. That tour for the most part is going to be a test. It's very hard, man... It's still reverberating through my life... We're coming up to the year anniversary of his death [in May], and I still can't f____ handle it."

Taylor added that not a day goes by when he doesn't think about Gray.

"It's still reverberating through my life. Every day something reminds me and I still can't f_____ handle it."

I have no idea what Corey Taylor and the rest of Slipknot are going through, but I'm sure the Sonisphere shows will be overflowing with emotions.  I wish I could be there when it happens.  Thankfully, we have YouTube.

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