They say that your dreams are connected to your subconscious thoughts and desires. But what about when a departed loved one appears? Slipknot's Jim Root has been seeing late bassist Paul Gray in his dreams a lot lately, and he thinks it has to do with grief.

Root tells i-D that he's in the process of getting out of an unhealthy relationship. "I don’t wish anything bad or malicious on this person, I just want them to get better and be happy with themselves," he adds. "So I’ve been having a lot of bizarre dreams about deceased people lately. Paul has been showing up in my dreams a lot."

The guitarist admits that he may not have fully grieved Gray's death, and that he may have repressed the emotions that came with the tragedy. In the dreams he's been having, Gray had died but then came back to life, appearing with his widow.

"He was typical old Paul, but he was a reanimation of himself, like a zombie," Root describes. "So it stirs up a bunch of weird emotions and I’m thinking that maybe it ties into the situation I’m in now. Because I know there’s a person inside there, but I think they have some narcissistic, possibly sociopathic tendencies. Maybe that’s what that dream meant… because it’s Paul but it’s not really Paul."

This coming May will mark a decade since Gray passed.

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