When V-Man and Jay Weinberg joined Slipknot as masked mystery members, fans quickly figured out their true identities. They haven't been so fast in uncovering who the mysterious "Tortilla Man" (Chris Fehn's replacement) is and guitarist Jim Root can't believe it.

Speaking with Rock Sound about Slipknot's new record, We Are Not Your Kind (out today, Aug. 9), Root detailed his amusement at the whole "Tortilla Man" nickname and the Internet's aggressive pursuit to learn who the percussionist really is. "I’m actually surprised that nobody has sussed out who it is yet, but nobody has. And in this day and age of social media, with phones and cameras everywhere, that’s kinda interesting," he commented.

As he scrolls through social media, "Tortilla Man" frequently comes up, giving him a laugh. "I’ve seen the Tortilla Guy hashtag when I’m going through my [Instagram] and all of that and I think it’s pretty funny."

Root seemed to play along, noting, "It’s weird because I’ve met this guy before, I know who he is, but he’s really kind of elusive, even around our camp. I’ve had some people tell me, ‘Don’t tell us who he is, we’re having fun trying to figure it out!’ So I’m gonna keep my mouth shut about all of that and see what happens. Eventually someday someone’s going to figure it out…"

"Tortilla Man" joined the band three months ago after Slipknot parted ways with longtime percussionist Chris Fehn, who levied a lawsuit against the group. He first appeared in the music video for "Unsainted" and fans were quick to embrace him the the endearing nickname.

Evolution of Slipknot's Terrifying Masks

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