Apparently, guitarists don't always play the guitars they get right away. Sometimes, it sits in the box it came in for over a decade. This is the case with Slipknot's Jim Root, and a Gibson that he's had for 11 years.

"Ship date May 2010. So. 10 year anniversary... seems like a good reason to open it, right? Oh. Wait. It’s ‘21. ‘20 just shouldn’t fucking count. So yeah. I stand by it. 10," Root wrote in the caption for his Instagram post, which showcases the guitar still in its box.

"Nah. I don’t think I will. I like this game. I like the mystery of that guitar... Hidden away in it’s original packing. Could be the best guitar I ever played. Could sound the best. Could have that 'thing.' Could not. Could just be another Firebird that happens to be Silverburst. Maybe I’ll never know."

Perhaps the best part is that the serial number of the instrument is 00004. Get it? Number 4? Good.

See the post below.

Instead of opening the guitar on its 10th anniversary, Root told us that he spent time during the quarantine in 2020 planning a solo project. The 'Knot likely won't be returning for a while once they are done touring in support of We Are Not Your Kind, so he has the creative freedom to explore new ideas during that gap.

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