As someone who's been single for the past three years, I get that Valentine's Day can be a drag. Seeing all the obnoxiously cute couples celebrating a Hallmark holiday while you're hanging out at home alone, and not even your cat will show you love... Forget that! Because it doesn't have to be a drag! So just because someone may not be "treating" you doesn't mean you can't TREAT YO SELF this Valentine's Day & these are the ways to do it around Grand Rapids:

  • 1

    Order a Steak at The Chop House

    Technically, you can get a steak anywhere but The Chop House is not only delicious af but you'll also be feeling fancy af. Remember, TREAT YO SELF!

  • 2

    Buy a new Kate Spade purse

    Head to Tanger Outlets and buy yourself something something pretty!

    Bonus: Now through Valentine's Day they are doing 60% off your purchase. In that case, buy two pretty things :)

  • 3

    Buy a Shinola Watch

    You're already at the outlet so....

  • 4

    Go see Kelly Clarkson at Van Andel Arena

    The OG American Idol winner is on her Meaning of Life Tour and is celebrating the day of love with Grand Rapids.

  • 5

    Turn Up at HopCat

    The Downtown Grand Rapids location is having an all day "Love Hurts: Singles Party" on the 14th featuring "beers as black as your heart" and pairing them with sweets, including their new dessert, an Oreo Tiramisu.

  • 6

    Buy a Boat at the Grand Rapids Boat Show

    Because TREAT YO SELF! Or at least pretend like you can.

  • 7

    Have a Spa Day

    Pamper yourself to the fullest! Get a mani/pedi, get your hair done, get a facial, get a massage... so many ways to TREAT YO SELF!

    *tip* If you find a great deal on a couples massage, invite another single friend to go along with you.

  • 8

    Do Nothing!

    Sometimes doing nothing is the best way to TREAT YO SELF. Staying indoors and away from all the couples might be exactly what you need. Take a bath, read a book, bake, listen to music, lay on the couch, watch TV... there's so many ways you can do nothing.

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