This is not the first time this topic has been tossed around or considered. After a failed attempt in trying to end Daylight Saving Time, in 2015, a different Michigan lawmaker is now proposing the same thing.

The bill was introduced by a group of House Representatives on Wednesday hoping to eliminate the time change. The bill suggests that the state follow the standard time zone that its located in, which in this case, Michigan is in the Eastern Time Zone.

Parts of the U.P. are in the Central Time Zone. This law would likely change that and have the entire state in the EST.

If the legislation moves forward, and eventually gets passed, Michigan will be the third state that doesn't follow Daylight Saving Time. Currently, Hawaii and Arizona don't take part in the time change.

North Dakota has also proposed ditching DST. While Massachusetts is considering observing daylight saving year-round so that they have more sunlight (source: New York Post).

The next time we change our clocks will be on Sunday, March 12 when we "spring forward" an hour.


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