Just when you thought the world have enough to complain about, some Michigan lawmakers say that fast food restaurants shouldn't have gender specific toys.

I would prefer lawmakers to work on the states water and job problems but those things must be too hard so more than a dozen lawmakers instead are urging fast food establishments to stop with the "boy toys" and "girl toys."

According to WZZM, a Detroit State Representative, Leslie Love, is the primary force behind the gender free toy quest but she does have 14 additional co-sponsors on the resolution.

Lots of stores in Michigan offer gender classified choices their customers but many studies have proved that there are harmful effects of gender classified toys.

2 years ago a petition went around for McDonald's to stop with the gender toys for their Happy Meals but that was as far as it went.

This issue is not limited to fast food restaurants. Department stores are coming into question for having pink and blue sections in their stores.

According to Change.org, "it has been proven that not only is this band for our children's self esteem and intellectual prowess, but also contributes to bullying and ostracism."


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