Recently an off-duty Department of Natural Resources officer was camping and allegedly shot a man fighting with another, and now a lawsuit has been filed.

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Off-Duty DNR Conservation Officer Allegedly Shoots Man at Campground

The story about an off-duty DNR officer allegedly shooting an unarmed man at Merrill-Gorrel campground in Mecosta County came out back in May but more details have surfaced since the original story was released.

To get you up to speed, a fight broke out at the campground between two men. An off-duty conservation officer was camping with his family and attempted to break up the fight. Originally there was no word on why he drew his gun shooting one of the men involved. There was no word from the police if one of the men fighting was armed, why the two men were fighting, and who started the fight.

New Details Regarding Off-Duty DNR Officer Allegedly Shooting a Man

The man who was shot at the campground is Brandon Davis who was injured and wound up in the hospital getting multiple surgeries. Davis claims that it was the DNR officer's dad who grabbed and shoved him and he was acting in self-defense. Then while walking away is when the conservation officer shot him.

The DNR officer has since been placed on administrative leave.

Man Shot at Mecosta Campground is Now Suing the DNR For $250 Million

According to WOOD, Davis has hired attorney Brian Dailey to represent him in a 250 million dollar lawsuit against the Department of Natural Resources that states the officer used "completely unreasonable force." The shooting has caused Davis to lose a kidney, and suffer permanent intestinal and spinal injuries forcing him to use a colostomy bag, plus the medical expenses and mental distress.

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