Last weekend word got out about a shooting at a campground in Mecosta County. This week it turns out that an off-duty conservation officer was involved.

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Camping in Michigan

Michigan is one of those states where people will camp year around no matter how cold it gets.

If you have camped in a campground, then you know it is similar to being in a trailer park because most campgrounds have their lots close to one another to maximize their space in order to rent out as many lots as they can.

Needless to say, there is not a lot of privacy when you are in close quarters at a campground. So, if someone shoots off a gun, it would be terrifying for others who had no idea someone would be shooting.

Shots Fired at a Mecosta County Campground

Earlier this week WOOD reported a shooting that happened at a Mecosta County campground on Saturday night. I did think it was odd that there were no details regarding who was involved and if anyone was hurt or killed.

Five days after the incident there is a new report that may explain some of the secrecy of the shooting but not all.

Off-Duty DNR Officer Involved in Shooting at Mecosta County Campground

It's no secret in Michigan that conservation officers from the Department of Natural Resources have similar powers as police officers and often are carrying similar gear like a gun when doing their job.

There was an apparent fight going on at the Merrill-Gorrel Campground in Mecosta County when the off-duty DNR officer was camping with his family.  The officer tried to break up the fight between the two men and wound up shooting one seriously injuring him and that person is still in the hospital.

According to WOOD, the other person who was in the fight was injured but didn't get shot. The off-duty DNR officer was not injured but it's not clear if the two men fighting were armed or why the officer felt it was necessary to you his weapon.

The officer is on paid administrative leave until the Michigan State Police complete its investigation.

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