A wandering Newfoundland named Shaggy who captured our hearts and national headlines 5 years ago has passed away.

In 2015, Shaggy was a stray dog who'd been wandering a Cacsade Township neighborhood, living off food from kind-hearted neighbors. He was big dog, with unruly fur, good-natured, but too scared for anyone to get too close. Shaggy eluded capture for about six months, until one resident was able to build a bond with him and get him the help he needed.

The organization that rescued and rehabilitated Shaggy shared the news of his death on Facebook.

The Devoted Barn worked diligently with Shaggy to attend to his medical needs, make him feel safe and loved, and get him to the point where he could be adopted. Shaggy did eventually find a forever family and lived out the rest of his years with them.

MLive shares more of Shaggy's story here.

Shaggy was diagnosed with cancer and passed away at the age of approximately 6 last week.

Rest in peace, Shaggy.

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