Sure, WGRD has never claimed to have any expertise on the paranormal. We're pretty sure Dahmer is some kind of alien warrior sent from the past... but today we are gonna dive into the topic. Why, you ask? Well, when you read a headline that says 'Scientists Find Alien Chip in Napoleon's Head' you tend to take notice.

These French scientists decided to study the body of Napoleon Bonaparte to determine whether or not a pituitary issue was what caused his small size. What they found instead was way crazier than what made that Frenchie a munchkin. Embedded in his skull was a 1/2 inch long item which they described as a microchip. Were interstellar beings controlling Napoleon's thoughts, or were they just effing with him and making him dance and sing against his will for their amusement?

No matter what their purpose for implanting the device in Napoleon's noggin, the whole situation is pretty f'd up. What do you do if you suspect an alien has implanted one of these bad boys in your head? Call the police? That would be an awkward conversation. So, we here at WGRD have decided to make sure that JT, Dahmer and Jackie aren't under alien mind control. Sure, the surgeries and x-rays are gonna be costly, but we can't have the fate of the mighty WGRD being determined by beings on the other side of the galaxy!

Real or BULL? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

[Via: Life's Great Clues]

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