If you own a small business or work at a check cashing office, be on the look out for phony checks from Grand Rapids Human Resources Department.

According to WOOD, city officials from Grand Rapids are warning business all across Michigan to be on the lookout for the fake checks that look like they are from the city of Grand Rapids.

The crooks have already tried to cash four of the phony baloney checks from Flint to Wyoming at party stores and super markets.

Here is how you know you have one of the bad checks: If the checks don't have "City of Grand Rapids" on them they are no good. Plus the city doesn't use JP Morgan Chase Bank. The bad checks that have been going around do contain the Grand Rapids city logo and say Grand Rapids Human Resources that appear to come from JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Another tip on spotting the bad checks is there are only one signature that are on these checks but a real check from the city would have 3 different signatures on them.

If you think you have been given a suspicious check just contact the bank to get confirmation on if the check is actually from the city.

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