It has been over three months since two dams in Midland County, Michigan, broke and Sanford and Wixom Lakes are still gone.

I recently drove through the Midland area on the way back from visiting my parents. A buddy of mine used to live on Wixom Lake so I thought I would drive by the area.

I was shocked at how much damage there was in the area. From the news I had heard it was bad, but actually seeing the devastation up close it was mind blowing.

I used to go up to Wixom Lake all the time to fish, swim and boat. I spent many summers up there almost every weekend but what I saw on my recent visit was nothing like what I remembered.

My buddy's old house was affected by the flood but out back sure looked a whole lot different. Just acres of mud and weeds growing with a little creek running through the middle.

In many areas I saw weeds had grown in like a field and in some instances trees had already begun regrowing.

There are some really nice homes on the lake with docks and boats out back and no water to be seen. In some areas downstream of both dams that broke, entire houses and businesses were just gone completely and in other spots remnants of what used to be.

According to FOX 17, families are still struggling to piece their lives back together due to the failure of the Edenville and Sanford dams. Even more devastating, this all happened during a pandemic.

Many families lost everything. Those that didn't have flood insurance, it's a whole different devastating story for them.

Heck, there are sinkholes on many of the roads and from what I saw, it looks like it is going to take years to get these two areas back to the way they were.

150 homes have been destroyed while countless others were severely damaged.

The really sad part is this all could have been prevented if the company that owns and operates the dam, Boyce Hydro, would have kept up the repairs and managed the two dams properly.

I hope Boyce Hydro is held accountable for their lack of care and responsibility to ensuring the public that those dams worked and were maintained properly. They seem to have no problem collecting money for their operation, they shouldn't have no problem paying out to the victims whose lives have been shattered because of their negligence.

To really get a feel for the damage, take a look at these photos, they only scratch the surface of what happened in the area.

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