Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

Summer is here! It officially arrived last Saturday, and this is truly the season when many love to relax and play out on the water.

Grand Valley Marine, with locations in Grandville and Grand Haven, says to keep you and those around you safe on the water when boating.

In embracing summer and enjoying the great outdoors on the water and at the beach, here's another tip good for boaters and beach-goers to help you stay safe out there: Follow the rules of the water.

Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

Being in a boat or other watercraft means following navigation and other rules on the water. This isn't a car a truck, a motorcycle or a bicycle; it's a boat.

So, basically:

  • Never allow passengers to ride on gunwales, seat backs or outside protective railings, including the front of a boat such as on a pontoon boat. A sudden turn, stop or start could cause someone to fall overboard.
  • After leaving a boat launch, maintain a slow no-wake speed for a safe and legal distance from the access site.
  • Learn, know and follow boat traffic rules.

Remember, think, act and stay safe when on the water.