Bethesda makes great games. They really do. The entire Elder Scrolls series, and the entire Fallout series prove this. People get wrapped up in these games. Heck, our IT guy Ryan (Rapestache Wet Hands) is totally obsessed with Skyrim! But some people take their love for these games a bit too far sometimes.

Take this Russian moron loser, who's decided that it's Bethesda's fault he lost his job, his friends, and his wife because he couldn't stop playing Fallout 4. So he's suing them for making a game he became "addicted to".

First off, f*** this guy. If you're too stupid to stop playing a game to interact with anyone, or even go to work, maybe you should just engross yourself back into the game until you die of starvation. The human race can totally live without you. This is the very definition of Natural Selection: "The weak and the stupid will perish".

Take some responsibility for your stupidity and either quit playing games because you're too dumb to play them responsibly, or play them until you die. Pick one, and commit.

No one else is responsible for your moronic lameness. So there.

Second, he's suing Bethesda for only about $7,000 for the "emotional distress". Um, you're obviously not bright enough to suffer from any kind of actual "emotional distress". And you're also too stupid to sue for enough to hold you over until you can find an equally stupid business to hire you on, since you lost you last job for playing a video game and not coming to work.

Good luck getting a great-paying gig, my moronic friend. You're going to need more than $7k to carry you over.

He should never reproduce. Never never never never never.

If you know this dude, or see him around, throw eggs at him.

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