There's been talk online about discount department stores, Ross Dress For Less, coming to Grand Rapids...

Have you shopped at Ross Dress For Less? I've been to a store in Chicago, and as a person who LOVES deals (I'm a West Michigander... it's in my DNA) - I was impressed!

Ross seems similar to T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, selling clothes and home décor.

Ross Dress For Less, Facebook
Ross Dress For Less, Facebook

The first Ross Department Store opened in San Bruno, California, in 1950 by Morris "Morrie" Ross. Since then the chain has expanded to more than 1,600 locations nationwide... Is Grand Rapids going to have one of those locations? Well, maybe two!

A post by Reddit user Extreme-Secretary-56 questioned whether news they'd seen online claiming that a Ross store would be moving into Roger's Plaza on 28th St. was true.

The post in question says the new store will be where a Fallas Store used to be, right next to Destiny Dental.

A similar question was asked in Wyoming Michigan Informed Facebook group, asking what was moving into where Fallas used to be at Roger's Plaza. Multiple people confirmed a Ross Dress For Less was coming...

And not just that, but that ANOTHER Ross Store would be opening up in Grandville, at the site of a former Office Max, in a strip mall with Hobby Lobby near Rivertown Crossings Mall.

The poster even provided photos that appear to show a Ross store is indeed coming soon to that location.

So it does sound promising! However, at this time no Michigan locations are listed on Ross' website. I have reached out to ask about Ross Stores opening up in the Grand Rapids area and will update this post if I get a response!

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