Rosa Parks Circle is starting to look like Christmas is on the way with the 40 foot tree that has been delivered.

When Van Andel Arena put the big red bow around the stadium, something I drive by everyday and look at, I thought "ok, looks very holiday-like". When I looked at the bow I was hoping it would stir up that Christmas feeling that usually happens each year but it hasn't yet.

I'm sure with Thanksgiving being this Thursday, more and more businesses downtown will start to decorate to give Grand Rapids that holiday look.

According to FOX 17, a giant 40 foot tree was installed Tuesday morning in Rosa Parks Circle. The tree was brought in from Manton, Michigan that is nearly 110 miles away from Grand Rapids.

It is pretty sweet that the city chose to purchase a tree that was grown right here in Michigan. I wonder what a 40 foot tree costs and does it come with free delivery? My guess, probably not.

A team of area construction crews come together to make the downtown tree happen that includes Buist Electric, Gelock Heavy Movers and Rockford Construction. It takes a team effort to put up a 40 foot tree.

Well I guess I don't have to worry about how much the 40 foot tree costs and its delivery because a man by the name of Charlie Secchia and his family donate the tree each year.

There will be a tree lighting but because of the pandemic restrictions, there will be no public lighting of the tree so don't gather around on December 4 when the tree will be lit.

Hopefully the giant tree will help ignite the Christmas spirit downtown Grand Rapids.

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