When will that damn Tool album finally be released? The band may not even know, but at this year’s Rock on the Range festival, over two dozen acts made their official predictions for a possible 2019 street date.

It’s believed that Danny Carey has finished recording his drum parts, and just this morning, Tool shared that Justin Chancellor was tracking bass. Progress is actually being made, but with Maynard James Keenan famously waiting to pen lyrics and vocal melodies after the instrumental sections are complete, a 2018 release seems highly unlikely. 2019, though? It’s very, very possible.

We picked up the only 2019 calendar Amazon was selling in May 2018… a Gooseberry Patch wall calendar filled with page after page of delicious baked goods and spreadables. Once the jokes about needing a 2020 or even a 2024 calendar passed, the rock stars began contemplating their picks, choosing a Friday (album release day in the music industry) that hadn’t already been claimed by another band. If Tool does unleash their long-awaited album in 2019, each act had a 52-1 shot to guess correctly.

There was some strategy behind some of these picks. Andrew W.K. chose the first Friday of the year for a true New Year’s party, Breaking Benjamin chose Nov. 1 for a Halloween midnight release, Ice-T and Body Count chose the sole Friday the 13th in 2019 and Stone Sour’s Josh Rand stamped his name on Black Friday.

Watch Corey Taylor, Synyster Gates, Greta Van Fleet, Trivium and more bands cement their official 2019 predictions in the video above.

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