Acclaimed musician and horror movie director Rob Zombie admits that he hasn't seen any of the new Halloween movies, saying that he's "burnt out" on the franchise. Zombie did this while sharing a snarky meme on Facebook yesterday (Oct. 24) that commented on the time when he helmed the Halloween movie franchise.

Zombie directed the reboot of the storied series of slasher films in 2007 to mixed reviews. Zombie's Halloween (2007) film was a reimagining of John Carpenter's vision, creating an origin story for villain Michael Myers and variations on the plot. He notably replaced Jamie Lee Curtis' role of Laurie Strode with actress Scout Taylor Compton, who you may know as portraying rocker Lita Ford in the movie The Runaways. Despite a so-so critical reception, the movie turned enough of a profit to warrant a sequel.

Zombie's Halloween II, coming out two years after the first, was a box office and critical flop. Zombie then declined to film the sequel to Halloween II, Halloween 3D, and the franchise was dormant until 2018. That's when director David Gordon Green was given the green light to start making Halloween movies again. Green's trilogy ended this year with Halloween Ends, which came out earlier in the month.

Yesterday, Zombie shared on his Facebook page that fans have been hitting him up with various memes about the Halloween franchises, saying the memes keep getting "funnier and funnier." To highlight this, he posted a meme with a stereotypical horror nerd passing internet judgement on movies from his mom's basement.

The nerd in the meme is critiquing Zombie's movies both in 2007 and present day. In 2007, the nerd says, "In my expert opinion Rob Zombie ruined the Halloween franchise." In 2022, the nerd reverses course, saying, in his expert opinion, "... Zombie saved the Halloween franchise."

Zombie himself comments on the meme, posting, "I have been getting bombarded with these and it just keeps on getting funnier and funnier. FYI - I have no opinion on the new films. I haven’t seen them yet. My experience with making my films was so insane it really burnt me out on Halloween. Sad but true. I just think the internet is hilarious."

While Zombie refuses to cast shade on the franchise that left him with a bitter taste in his mouth, he has soldiered on the in horror movie business. He recently helmed a film reboot of famous Munsters franchise, The Munsters, out now on Netflix. And after a summer tour, he's set to play Alice Cooper's annual charity concert, Christmas Pudding, in Arizona in early December. And right now, Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzales wants to know which Rob Zombie album you like the best, for the Loudwire Night's Album of the Week poll (just in time for Halloween.) Vote here!

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