Imagine laying in your bed in the middle of the night, sound asleep, only to be awakened by the sound of gunshots and breaking glass.

That's exactly what happened early Sunday morning for some residents of River House Condominiums in downtown Grand Rapids.

Five separate windows, all on different floors, were shot out about 3:30 am on Sunday, September 19th, 2021. While the outside layer of glass was shattered, the hurricane-resistant glass stopped the bullets from penetrating the inside glass. Fortunately no one was injured in this incident.

The Grand Rapids Police don't have a lot to say about this incident at this point. It appears the shots were fired from nearby US-131. All of the bullets hit windows on the west side of the building. Driving east on Bridge Street Monday afternoon, you could see the plywood that now replaces the shattered panes of bluish glass on the building.

There are several cameras on top of that building for local television stations, but as of yet, WOOD TV-8 is reporting they were unable to find any video of the shooting.

River House Condominiums, located at Bridgewater Place, are located in what is the tallest building in Grand Rapids. It is also the tallest all-residential building in Michigan, and the tallest building in the state outside of Detroit.

Residents of that building have reported similar incidents in the attached Varnum Law side of Bridgewater Place, but this may be the first time the residential units have been targeted.

WOOD TV-8 did a report on the shots fired at the building and talked to some of the residents...

River House Condominiums are located at 335 Bridge Street NW in downtown Grand Rapids.


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