The family and loved ones of late Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale have launched the Riley Gale Foundation, which will support Dallas Hope Charities, animal rescue organizations and other groups.

Gale passed away on Aug. 25, leaving the metal world in mourning for one of the most talented and energetic young performers of the 2010s. Along with metal, Gale was extremely passionate about social issues and animal rights. These causes will continue to benefit for many years thanks to his name and legacy.

“When Riley passed, the family asked for donations to be sent to Dallas Hope Charities, his favorite charitable organization,” a statement from the Riley Gale Foundation reads. “Contributions came from around the globe and enabled Dallas Hope Charities to purchase a home for people who are going through a difficult transitional period. Riley also loved animals. If he could have, Riley would have rescued every stray, abandoned, or mistreated dog he saw. Tommy, his beloved, funny-looking mutt was always at his side.”

“The Gale family will administer the Foundation; they have committed to dispersing 100 percent of all net proceeds raised by the foundation to those in need, and contributions will be transparent and public.”

Riley Gale Foundation
Riley Gale Foundation

To celebrate Riley and support his new foundation, the first annual Riley Gale & Friends Day event will take place in Dallas, Texas. It will be held Aug. 25 at Deep Ellum Art Co. and will host music, memories, food and fun while celebrating Gale’s life.

For more information on the Riley Gale Foundation and to donate, click here.

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