In their first interview since the tragic death of vocalist Riley GalePower Trip admit that it's a hard subject for them to talk about. This was their first time together since their bandmate and friend's funeral.

The metal group is nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance with the live song, "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)," which they released in June of 2020. It's the first time they've been nominated for the awards show, which will air on Sunday, March 14.

“Losing Riley was the saddest thing that ever happened to me,” drummer Chris Ulsh told the Los Angeles Times. "But I’m so proud of everything we accomplished together. One of the coolest things from the start was that there was no ceiling to this band, and this Grammy nomination is a perfect example of that.”

“It still feels very fresh. It’s hard to talk about,” the drummer explained of the loss of Gale. "We were close. I spent a lot of my downtime on tour with him. It’s still hard to fathom.”

Guitarist Blake Ibanez noted that the tragedy did make them closer, though, and that the reception to their music truly made them feel like what they were creating was important.

“We do want to continue to play music together, we just are not sure what that looks like at this time,” he added.

The outpouring of love and respect for the band during a difficult time helped show the members what an impact the band made, both on music and beyond.

“I hope we changed people’s perceptions about what a metal band can be,” Ibanez shared. “We didn’t have to compromise; we just were who we were, and people respected that about us. I hope that’s how people will remember us.”

Gale died suddenly in August of 2020. No cause of death has been revealed, though according to the LA Times, a representative on behalf of the band said, "The family has not released the toxicology report to anyone, so Riley’s cause of death cannot be confirmed."

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