One more reason to love Ridiculous Steve and his giant, oversized banana on wheels!

The Big Banana Car has become a staple at ice cream shops throughout West Michigan, but after spending the winter abroad it appears Steve and his car had an eventful return to The Mitten!

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Ridiculous Steve and the Big Banana Car

Built by "Ridiculous Steve" Braithwaite and friends, the Big Banana Car is a 1993 Ford pick-up truck that was converted into a giant rolling banana over the course of 2 1/2 years.

Since 2011 the Big Banana Car has traveled all over the U.S and has been featured on America's Got Talent, Forbes magazine, and even holds the Guinness World Record for "Longest Custom Banana Car".

Lauren Gordon/TSM
Lauren Gordon/TSM

How Much Does It Cost?

Throughout summers in Michigan you can find Ridiculous Steve posted up each weekend at any of the area ice cream shops offering rides to all who ask.

There's no set cost to take a ride in Steve's Big Banana Car. At every stop that hosts him Steve will give you the lowdown: "Take a ride. Pay what works for you. Bring car seats if legally required. Weather permitting."

It's as easy as that!

Banana Car Saves the Day!

If you follow the official Big Banana Car on social media then you know that Ridiculous Steve took his oversized plantain on wheels down south for the winter like a typical Michigan snowbird.

Steve spent the winter visiting places like Little Rock, Arkansas, Columbus, Texas, and most recently Houston where the Big Banana Car participated in the Houston Art Car Parade. As fate would have it, participating in the Art Car parade is what would ultimately lead to Ridiculous Steve saving a car that had caught fire!

In a recent Facebook video Steve shared,

I'm traveling on 127 from Tennessee...back to Michigan and I happened to see a car on fire. And because I was coming back from the ArtCar parade in Houston, they insist....they won't let you be part of the parade until you show them you've got a fire extinguisher. So I was able to leap into action!

Thankfully Steve was there to help and the car's occupants were all safe. I'm not so sure the same can be said for the smoldering car. Take a look at what happened below:

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