Everybody knows about the Kalamazoo Big Banana Car. Steve Braithwaite is a super cool dude who rents his time out to take people on a ride in the Big Banana car all over Southwest Michigan. Steve has made some major accomplishments this past year. From traveling the country in the Banana Car, to getting his own children's book, and now having his very own Matchbox car, modeled after his unique creation.

In the video below you can watch someone opening the Matchbox car and comparing it to a real banana. I've had a chance to talk to Steve on multiple occasions and he even said there is another unique car idea he is hoping to reveal to the world. Until then, Steve should be super excited about what he's been able to accomplish. In fact, if you want a Big Banana Car for yourself, you can purchase one here below the video and own a weird unique piece of Kalamazoo history.

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