Rev Theory were in Grand Rapids last night (November 17) to play an acoustic GRD Live Blitz at The Intersection. After the injury of guitarist Julien Jorgensen forced Rev Theory to cancel their dates with Five Finger Death Punch, the guys decided to hop in a van with their acoustic guitars and drive across the country to play at different venues.

Rev Theory were originally scheduled to be on the Share the Welt Tour with Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains and Hatebreed, but were forced to pull out after Jorgensen suffered a hand injury in Las Vegas last month. Instead of moping at home, the rest of the band members decided to go back to their roots and hit the road in a van and trailer.

"It's fun because there's a lot more goofing around," says lead singer Rich Luzzi. "When you're in a bus, it's like everybody goes to their respective areas and you don't see each other all the time. When you're in closed-confined areas, it forces you to hang out with each other. You have to like each other."

Bassist Matt McCloskey chimed in: "It's like last night we got to come here early and go to Founders Brewery which is awesome!"

"When you're on a bus and on a tour, you're on a set schedule and you've got to do everything by the book," Luzzi explains. "This way we kind of do whatever we want."

Rev Theory decided to part ways with Interscope Records after realizing that things weren't going to work out. That's a pretty brave move for a band considering today's market conditions in the music industry.

"Fortunately for us, we've been doing this for quite a bit of time and we're a hard working touring band," Luzzi says. "We have a fan base built in. The label just started going down a different path, which happens. We wanted to be proactive rather than just wait around and let the writing on the wall hit. If that would have happen we would have lost this record (2011's Justice)."

Rev Theory were able to negotiate out of their contract with Interscope and still retain the rights to their music. Not a lot of newer bands can say that they own the music they create.

Watch the whole interview below and performances of "Justice" and "Hell Yeah".

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