WWMT is reporting that the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association is helping restaurant owners lobby the governor to relax dining restrictions on May 29th, the day after the current Stay-At-Home Order and Emergency Declaration ends for Michigan.

According to what the president of the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association, Justin Winslow, told WWMT, it's dire to get these businesses back open,

 20 restaurants a day are permanently going out of business under coronavirus restrictions.

The group also came up with a plan for reopening which includes masks for all workers and reconfiguring seating so tables and bar stools will be 6 ft away from other patrons. They're also trying to work with local municipalities on opening patios and using closed streets and parking lots to create outdoor seating areas to lessen the fear of spread, WWMT reports.

I'm not sure that I'm ready to go sit inside a place to eat, I mean I'd definitely social distance on a patio, but let's hope we can get these places back open before all that's left are the national chains, that are good to eat at but not what creates the vibe of a city.  The local places are truly the character that makes a city or town worth visiting.

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