In a now-deleted Facebook post, a popular West Michigan doughnut shop announced the closure of two of its locations.

According to MLive, the Donut Conspiracy shared the news on social media Tuesday, Nov. 3 that it was permanently shutting down its locations in Grandville and Cascade due to "financial issues surrounding the coronavirus pandemic."

The original Donut Conspiracy location at 1971 E. Beltline Ave. NE at Knapp’s Corner will remain open.

As of Wednesday morning there is no mention of the closures on Donut Conspiracy's Facebook page.

The original Donut Conspiracy shop opened in 2017. According to their website, they offer about 40 different flavors of gourmet donuts, with the selection changing every day, and they serve Schuil coffee.

In 2019, Donut Conspiracy opened the locations at 3819 Rivertown Parkway, Ste. 600 and at 6783 Cascade Road. Google results for Donut Conspiracy Grandville show the location as permanently closed.

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