Another staple of Grand Rapids is closing this week.

We heard this past Friday that Gus’s Original was closing on June 18th after 35 years, because the family was “pursuing other opportunities.”

Well, that news affects another popular Grand Rapids’ eatery. After 48 years in business, The Red Hot Inn is closing June 21st.  If you knew both restaurants were owned by Jim Koukios and his family, then this isn’t a surprise. If you didn’t know…surprise!

The restaurant is located on the northeast side at the corner of Leonard St. NE and E. Beltline.

According to the press release posted on Red Hot Inn Restaurant Facebook page said in part:

"This place has been my life’s work, so this is not the end for Red Hot, just the next step in our journey. I look forward to working with Esther and her business, Greek To Go, to see where Red Hots can go next.”

Red Hot Inn Restaurant/Facebook
Red Hot Inn Restaurant/Facebook

In case you didn't read the whole press release, here's the recap: The restaurant which started on Plainfield in 1971, before moving to its current in 1984, will serve their last dog on Friday, but say they will keep the Red Hot Inn Restaurant Facebook page up so you can get updates on what’s next for the family.

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