Real Chicago style deep dish pizza has now arrived in Grand Rapids!

If you have ever been to Bartoli's, Pequod's or Lou Manalti's in Chicago, then you know what I'm talking about when it comes to real Chicago style deep dish pizza. It only takes a slice or two and you are stuffed with plenty of leftovers for later.

When I worked in Indiana, I was really close to Chicago and a couple of times a year I would be in Chicago and one thing I always made sure to do, was get some deep dish.

I was very excited to find out there is brand new Chicago style pizza restaurant opening right here in Grand Rapids. It is called Loretta's Deep Dish.

According to WOOD, the same guy who opened Hopcat, Grand Rapids Brewing Company, Max's South Seas Hideaway and Stella's Lounge is now opening Loretta's Deep Dish Friday, January 22, at 3 p.m.

A lot of pizza joints claim to make Chicago style deep dish pizza but nearly all of them fall way too short. There is a difference between deep dish pizza and pan pizza for sure.

The owner of Loretta's Deep Dish has went all out on making sure that their pizza makers were well trained by a world renowned expert at making Chicago style pies. Loretta's have taken that knowledge and added their very own twist to make their deep dish pizza unique.

These deep dish masterpieces are completely made from scratch with multilayered cheeses, white and house red sauces, spicy arrabbiata, meatballs and pizza dough.

Now that your mouth is watering you are wondering, where the hell do find Loretta's, they located in the basement of Max's at 58 Ionia Avenue South West. Here is there info if you would like to be one of the first for carry out.

Don't forget, deep dish pizza is great for a gathering of people in your bubble. How many times have you ran out of pizza with a few friends over, that won't happen at Loretta's.

Loretta's also offers thin crust pizza, oven baked subs, lasagna and more. Here is a link to Loretta's menu. Oh and you can create your own pizza as well.

As of right now Loretta's is takeout and delivery only. When you do get delivery it will be one of their own drivers. Loretta's is not using Door Dash or GrubHub because they just take too big of a cut.

Just remember when order a deep dish, these babies take way longer to cook than a regular pizza so make sure your order your pizza an hour in advance to you get the perfect pie.

More than likely you won't be able to finish a Loretta's deep dish so they provide the perfect reheating instructions for you on each box.

I think you know what I am ordering for dinner to day and it will probably be dinner all this weekend too!

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