With the protesting and rioting and now that the stay at home order in Michigan has been lifted...have we forgotten there still is a pandemic that is going on?

People have been protesting about a very important problem that has been going on in this country for decades but at the same time we have a pandemic going on that has killed over a hundred thousand people in America and over 5000 of those were right here in Michigan.

I have noticed that ever since other states began reopening weeks ago, people in Michigan have become a lot less cautious in how they move around and interact in society again and the coronavirus is still here.

I fear the protesting in large groups will cause a massive spike in those communities that protested and disregarded wearing masks and keeping at least 6 feet from others.

Over the Memorial weekend, I saw large groups of people gathering all over the place with no 6 feet rule or even wearing masks.

I avoided some places because of this and didn't go to other places for the same reason.

I know most businesses are doing their best to make things safe for customers but people in general better make sure they do their part as well.

With things opening back up, the last thing we need is to have it all get shut down again because some people think things are all better. They are not.

Let's all do our part in protecting others and ourselves by limiting unnecessary travel, wear our masks when we enter businesses or visit with others and stick to the 6 feet rule.

There is no quick fix to this pandemic so please don't act like things are back to normal again, because they are not. We have a long road a head of us and the only way we can shorten that road is if we all do the right thing all the time.

Remember...we are in this together...not just some of us.

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