Currently, folks who use EBT cards (also known as Bridge Cards, also known as food stamps) can purchase a myriad of things with their card in Michigan - including pop (also known as soda to people not from here.) But, a new bill could change all of that.

The bill, introduced by Republican representatives Beau LaFave (who represents Delta, Dickinson and Menominee counties) and Ben Frederick (who represents Shiawassee County and several townships in Saginaw County) would put a stop to the purchasing of carbonated beverages with EBT cards.

House Bill 4278 aims to ban the purchases for both the Michigan food assistance program and cash assistance program.

Why do legislators care if folks are buying pop with their state assistance? LaFave told that his major concern is with people who are abusing the system. We all know that Michigan has a 10-cent deposit on all cans, and LaFave told MLive that he's heard of people purchasing cheap pop, dumping it out, and then just returning the cans for cash. That cash can than be used to buy anything, not just the things that food assistance programs are designed to pay for.

In order for the bill to become law, it will have to pass through the House and Senate, and then be signed off on by Governor Snyder.

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