Moving forward ArtPrize will alternate every other year with Project 1 which is also organized by the ArtPrize staff.

According to WOOD, the very first Project 1 will happen this fall and the locations have been selected for the event.

Downtown Grand Rapids, Martin Luther King Jr. Park and Tanglefoot will be the locations for Project 1 larges scale art and performances.

ArtPrize organizers say the locations played into the theme of the event this year which is "Crossed Lines" which focuses on how boundaries can effect a person's sense of belonging. The 3 locations are intended to connect socioeconomic situations and racial makeup.

A variety of artists and handling the art that will be in each of the three locations. Many of the pieces are set to make the experience more interactive with the community with lots of new ideas and surprises that will help separate ArtPrize and Project 1.

Project 1 will kick off September 7 and run all the way until October 27. The event will last 7 weeks and will have lots of performances and a variety of community events that will take place at all 3 locations.

Learn more about Project 1 here.

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