For the 13th consecutive year, we've tried to do our part to help out families in need this holiday season.

We ask for nominations from people who know someone that could use a little help around the holidays. Then, with the help from our "accomplice" and the staff at our affiliates, we break in to their homes live on the air and leave gifts, both fun and necessity. No notes are left or pictures taken. It's all anonymous.

Joe was out with a gang of hoodlums to help a family in a bit of a dire situation. They had just suffered the loss of the father and things weren't looking so good. You can listen to the audio below.

Steve and his gang of hoodlums were up first this morning with their break-in. The family had suffered the loss of their mother earlier this year and things have been rough for them ever since. You can listen to the break-in below!

Kyle and a gang of hoodlums were out this morning to help a local family that had fallen on hard times recently. You can listen to the audio below.

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