Typically when I picture holiday smells I think of cocoa, cinnamon, and whatever scented candles sold at Bath & Body Works. And while I do enjoy a good sausage it's not typically what comes to mind around Christmastime. Maybe now that I have a boyfriend this year I'll feel differently. HAHA, kidding! Anyway... Jimmy Dean is being a little extra this season with their new sausage-scented wrapping paper that gift-givers can purchase.

Courtesy of Jimmy Dean
Courtesy of Jimmy Dean

That isn't the only sausage-y thing you can get, though. There's everything from sausage-flavored candy canes, a sausage ornament, and cowboy slipper boots that your dad would probably think is funny but is actually ridiculous. It's part of Jimmy Dean's Recipe Gift Exchange and the way you snag these gifts involves a little cooking and social media skills.

  1. Make a recipe using a Jimmy Dean sausage
  2. Upload the photo to their website/social media
  3. Pick your gift

You have until December 17th to make your submission.

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